Sin Label redefines how electronic music artists, event creators, and fans discover and connect with one another.

Artists and Event Creators

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What is Sin Label?

Sin Label Empowers The Electronic Dance Music Industry Through Social Interactions


Sin Label arms artists with exclusive industry data and insights about their fan base to pinpoint marketing efforts, strengthen promotions, and route smarter tours through their strongest markets.

Event Creators

Sin Label allows event creators to tap into real data about their artist networks, events, and fan followings. With Sin Label's robust metrics packages, talent buyers book better acts, promoters pack the floors, and event creators maximize ROI.


Sin Label rewards fans for being, well, fans. Connect your social accounts to Sin Label, where every comment, like and post earns you chances to win free tickets, gear, and other prizes from your favorite events.

Quantifying Electronic
Dance Music

The Sin Label platform collects behavioural data from our three distinct user classes. Every check-in, comment, like, and post is captured by our proprietary analytics engine, The Pulse.

Users can view real-time data about any Sin Label profile through a robust set of filters and visualization tools. Capturing quantifiable information and insights about the electronic dance music industry has never been more accessible.

About the Company

Sin Label was founded in 2012 as a live events company. The entity quickly became known for putting on some of Chicago's hottest electronic music events, curating nights at some of the city's biggest clubs and venues. Through these experiences the Sin Label team realized the untapped potential of technology in bridging the gap between artists, event creators, and fans.
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